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Bloch Festival

Performance program on Aug 7 2019 in the city center of Antofagasta with: Pedrokuzco (funk band), Teatro en Tiempos de Guerra, Natalia Leal, Rafaela Castro with Felipe Gallegos and David Flores, Patricia Díaz, members of the Antofagasta Chamber Orchestra, students from AIEP Antofagasta School of Comprehensive Aesthetics, Students from the F-60 Armando Carrera high school – organzied and produced by SACO


Bloch at Mano del desierto

Bloch visits la Mano del desierto by Mario Irarrázabal near al Negra in the Atacama desert
(pics 1,2: Thomas Rickenmann, pics 4,5: Hanna Hölling)


Thx to our local guide Miguel

Thank you to our local guide Miguel Angel Ceballos Guzmán navigating us through the Atacama desert the last days (pics 1, 2, 4 by Thomas Rickenman, pic 3 by Hanna Hölling)


Bloch at La Negra

Shooting at one of the most polluted area in the Atacama desert at a copper smelter refinery in La Negra, 70km outside of Antofagasta. (pics 1+2 by Thomas Rickenmann)



Wild Alpaca and Guanako

Bloch run in the some wild Alpaca and Guanako on Ruta 23 between San Pedro and Calama. (pic Thomas Rickenmann)



Bloch meets the Llamas

Meeting with Luisa Ermelinda Zuleta and her Llamas in Toconao in the atacama desert
(Pics 1-3 by Thomas Rickenmann)



Shooting at Ojos Del Salar

Another shooting at Ojos Del Salar near Laguna Tebinquiche. (pics 2-4 by Thomas Rickenmann)



Chakana cross for Bloch

Alires Alvorez Voras carving a Chakana andean inca cross into Bloch at Laguna Tebinquiche in the atacama desert  (Likan antay)


Bloch in Moon Valley

Bloch in valle de la luna (moon valley) near San Pedro. Drone shot by Thomas Rickenmann



Bloch at Laguna Inca Coya

Next stop is the Laguna Inca Coya near Chiu Chiu in the Atacama Desert. Droneshots by @thomas.rickenmann (Extramilefilms)