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The Bloch World Tour

All Bloch stations since 2011 – ongoing


Urnäsch/CH (Urnäsch, March 2011, Auction, Video)
Zurich/CH (TEDxZurich, Oct. 2011, Conference, Video)
Geneva/CH (Fonderie Kugler, Nov 2011, Exhibition, Video)
St.Gallen/CH (Kunstgiesserei, March 2012, Performance, Video)
Bern/CH (PROGR, April 2012, Performance, Exhibition, Video)
Basel/CH (Swiss Art Awards, June 2012, Exhibition)
Berlin/DE (Denkerei, Juni 2012, Performance, Conference, Exhibition, Video)
Karlsruhe/DE (ZKM, July 2012 Conference, Video)
Zürich/CH (Helmhaus, July – Sept 2012, Exhibition)
St.Gallen/CH (Lagerhaus, Aug – Sept 2012, Exhibition, Conference)
Teufen/CH (Zeughaus, June 14. 2013 – April 25 2014, Exhibition, Installation)
Heidelberg/DE (Heidelberger Kunstverein, Nov 21 2014 – Feb 1. 2015, Exhibition, Video)
Zagreb/HR (SIEF Congress, University of Zagreb, 22. Mai 2015, Talk)
Urnäsch/CH (Appenzeller Brauchtumsmuseum, April 2016 – Jan 2017, Exhibition, Talk)
Basel/CH (3. Schweizerischer Kongress für Kunstgeschichte, Universität Basel, 25.6.2016, Talk)
Gliwice/PL (Stacji Artystycznej Rynek, Sept – Oct 2016, Exhibition)
Masein/CH (Masein Mountain College, Sept 2017, Exhibition)
Zürich/CH (Visarte, Dolder Waldhaus, Dec 2017, Exhibition)
Zürich/CH (Kunst:Szene Zürich, Dec 2018, Exhibition)
Metz/FR (Centre Pompidou Metz, March 21 – Oct 2020, Exhibition “Folklore”)
Zofingen/CH (Kunsthaus Zofingen, Aug 15 – Oct 11 2020, Exhibition “Baumfänger” and Screening)
Marseille/FR (MUCEM, Nov 4 2020 – Feb 22 2021, Exhibition “Folklore”)
Bern/CH (Galerie Bernhard Bischoff, Jan 13 – Feb 19 2022, Exhibition “Com&Com, Est. 1997”

Taipei/TW (Juming Museum, Oct 2012 – Feb 2013, Exhibition, Performance)
Shanghai/CN (9. Shanghai Biennale / Power Station of Art, Oct 2012 – March 2013, Exhibition, Performance, Video)
Singapore/SG (DAW / Japan Creative Centre, May 7.-17. 2013, Exhibition, Video)
Hong Kong/CN (Art Basel Hong Kong, Salon Talk, March 2015, Talk)
Goa/IN The Story of Mind, 6.12.2019 Talk, online
Mumbai/IN (Critical Conditions: The Mind of Nature, Conference 28/29.11.2020, online)
Mumbai/IN (G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, 10.2.2023. Talk)
Goa/IN (Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, 11.2.2023, Talk)
Kochi/IN (Kochi Muziris Biennale, Kochi (IN), 16.2.2023, Talk)

North Dakota/USA (July 17 – Aug 3 2014, Performance, Events, Music, Video, Objects) in and at Downtown Fargo Street Fair, Fargo, Napoleon, Nokota Horse Conservancy, Linton, Taylor Horsefest, Taylor, Fort Totten Days, Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, Geographical center of North America in RugbyTurtle Mountain Indian Reservation and Bloch Party at Hjemkomst Center, Fargo/Moorhead
Moorhead Minnesota/USA (Hjemkomst Center/Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, Jan-March 2015, Exhibition)
Cincinnati Ohio/USA (Carl Solway Gallery, Sept 22 2015)
New York New York/USA (Silent Barn Brooklyn, Oct 10-15 2015, Onderdonk House
Queens, Oct 17 – 24 2015, Knockdown Center Queens, Oct 24 – Jan 2016, Exhibition Dec 12 – Jan 10 2016)

Cape Town, ZA (Feb 22 – March 8 2017): Wood Conference, ERF81, Talk
Johannesburg, ZA (March 8 – April 1 2017): University of Johannesburg
Oudtshoorn, ZA (April 5 – April 18 2017): KKNK Festival, Art Karoo, Festival, Performance
Klein Karoo, ZA (April 2017): Wilderness National Park, Performance
Nieu Bethesda, ZA (April 2017): Bethesda Art Centre, Performance
Richmond, ZA (April 25 – Mai 9 2017): MAP Modern Art Project, Performance
Hanover, ZA (May 2017): School of Hanover, Performance
De Aar, ZA (May 2017): Khazimla Art School, Performance
Soweto, ZA (May 12 2017): Trackside Creative, Concert, Performance
Johannesburg, ZA (May 17 – 25 2017): University of Johannesburg, Exhibition
Nelspruit, ZA (July 5 – 8 2017): Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees, Festival
Graskop, ZA (July 9 – Jan 2018: MAP Modern Art Project, Exhibition
Cape Town, ZA (Feb 15 2018): Wood Conference, Talk

Antofagasta, CL (July-Sep 2019): Festival de Arte Contemporaneo, SACO8, Exhibition
Uribe, CL (July 2019): Corporacion Gen, Performance
San Francisco de Chiu Chiu, CL  (Aug 2019): Performance
San Pedro de Atacama, CL (Aug 2019): Performance
Toconao, CL (Aug 2019): Performance
Sierra Gorda, CL (Aug 2019): Performance
La Negra, CL (Aug 2019): Performance
Antofagasta, CL  (Aug 2019): SACO8, Festival, Concert, Performance



EUROPE: Bloch was purchased at auction in Urnäsch on March 7 2011 by Com&Com. On Oct 4 2011 he had his first TV appereance at TEDxZurich Conference. From Oct 27. – Nov 20. 2011 it was be part of the exhibition “3 heures 57 minutes” at Fonderie Kugler Genève. Until April 2012 Bloch was stored at Kunstgiesserei in St. Gallen, where we printed with it and the last preparations for the big journey were made. Before leaving Switzerland, Bloch was presented at Stadtgalerie Bern and Gallery Bernhard Bischoff (12.4. – 19.5.2012) for farwell performances on April 21. On June 1./2. Bloch visited Berlin/Germany as its first abroad station. In collaboration with Bazon Brock and his Denkerei and the Swiss Embassy there were performances, a processions, a conference, an exhibition and a party. After that Bloch was part of the Swiss Art Awards, June 11.-17.) in Basel/Switzerland and the Finale of “Profi-Bürger” at HfG/ZKM in Karlsruhe/Germany on July 19. From 27.9. – 9.9. the project was presented at a group exhibition at Helmhaus Zürich and from 30.8. – 23.9. at Com&Com’s solo exhibition “Holzweg” at Lagerhaus/Architektur Forum Ostschweiz St.Gallen/Switzerland.

ASIA: From Oct 20 – Feb 17 2013 Bloch was part of the group show “Asynchronous Lifeworld” at Juming Museum in Taipei/Taiwan and from Oct 2 – March 31 2013 it was based at the 9. Shanghai Biennale. During Chinese New Year in February 2013 a Bloch Festival took place with over 50 chinese artists at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai. In May the Bloch Project was presented at the at DAW / Japan Creative Centre in Singapore. Then he came back to Switzerland for winter camp and an exhibition at Zeughaus Teufen.

NORTH AMERICA: After an extended tour across North Dakota in summer 2014 the outcome was exhibited at the Hjemkomst Center/Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County in Spring 2015. In autumn 2015 Bloch made a short stop in Cincinnati for a Performance at Carl Solway Gallery before coming to New York. After events and projects at the Silent Barn Bushwick/Brooklyn and Onderdonk House in Ridgewood/Queens, Bloch had a 3 months residency at the Knockdown Center in Maspeth/Queens, which culminated in an exhibition, performance cycle and conference (Dec 2015 – Jan 2016). Bloch was then stored for a few months in a warehouse in Catskill/Hudson NY.

AFRICA: From 2017-2018 Bloch visited South Africa with stations in Cape Town (ERF81, Wood Conference), Johannesburg (University of Johannesburg), Soweto (Trackside creative), Richmond (MAP Modern Art Project), Oudtshoorn (KKNK Festival), Nieu Bethesda (Bethesda Art Centre), de Aar (Khazimla Art School), Graskop (MAP Modern Art Project) and others. Then Bloch was stored for a couple of months on a farm in Rawsonville, before continuing its journey in 2019.

SOUTH AMERICA: Currently Bloch is on South America, where it had its first station at the contemporary Art Festival SACO8  in Antofagasta/Chile and later was travelling across the Atacama desert, making stops in San Francisco de Chiu Chiu, La Negra and San Pedro de Atacama.
– Due to the COVID-Pandemie Bloch is still in lockdown in Antofagasta/Chile and waiting for the continuation of its journey. Meanwhile Bloch was part of the major survey exhibition on Folklore at the Centre Pompidou Metz, which is currently on show at MUCEM in Marseille.