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Bloch on the Atlantic Ocean

May 1: Current position of Bloch on board of  Maersk Newcastle in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean on its way from South Africa to Chile/South America.
May 12: Arrival + passage in Panama


Bloch left Africa

Two days ago BLOCH left Cape Town on board of container ship Santa Barbara heading for Gibraltar, Panama and finally Antofagasta/Chile  where Bloch is part of the upcoming art festival SACO8 this summer.


Fumigation of Bloch

Certificate of fumigation of Bloch, Treatment with Methyl Bromide to make sure no nasty bugs and insects were exported/imported.
This is the 5th time in 8 years Bloch got fumigated.


Bloch ready for Chile

After a long process of clarification and negotiation, today Bloch got picked up from the transportation company in its storage place in Rawsonville/South Africa. After fumigation in the port of Cape Town, Bloch will be packed in a container and will leave the African continent next week on the vessel “Santa Barbara”. After stopovers in Gibraltar and Panama, Bloch is expected to arrive in Antofagasta/Chile End of May, where Bloch is an official part of the Festival de arte contemporaneo SACO8 this summer.



Bloch Report

Urnäscher Nochrichte published a report on the historic Bloch photo shooting with Ueli Alder (in German).
for download.


Historic Bloch photography

This year Com&Com decided to visit the original custom in Urnäsch, where everything began eight years ago. We brought the talented photo artist Ueli Alder with us who took some pictures of us with the Bloch Society with his old 5x7inch black and white plate camera. We are happy to present a first preview:


Bloch is going to Chile!

Good news: Bloch is soon back on the road (or better: boat). Next destination: CHILE.
We got invited to be part of the Festival de arte contemporaneo SACO8 in Antofagasta/Chile this Summer.
Currently Bloch is prepared by Roger Gentinetta and his son for the shipping to South America. Bloch was stored almost a year in Rawsonville outside  Cape Town with the Le Roux-Family. – Thank you all for taking good care of our Bloch!
– Chile, estamos aquí pronto!


Review on seven years of Bloch

Urnäscher Nochrichte published a review on seven years of Bloch (in German).



Bloch at Kustszene Zürich 2018

Bloch (with Com&Com) is part of this years Kunstszene Zürich at Kulturbahnhof Affoltern – running until dec 2 2018.


Bloch heading to Cape Town

Bloch is on its way back to Cape Town for a last performance at the 8. WOOD Conference – thank you all for your great collaborations!